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a young family smiles at the camera as they embrace each otherEye allergies can make your everyday activities miserable! From constant itching to endless watering, you’ll be searching for ways to find relief from your eye allergy symptoms. (Here’s a well-known secret – immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, can eliminate your eye and nasal allergies completely!) Keep reading to learn helpful tips to eliminate these frustrating symptoms.

Eye Allergies: Indoor Tips

Your home should be your haven, completely free from allergens! While cleaning 24/7 is not realistic, consider the following tips to significantly reduce indoor allergens:

  • Mop your floors instead of sweeping to capture the allergens.
  • Use mite-proof covers on all bedding to reduce the amount of dust mites.
  • Ditch the open windows and opt to use your air conditioning unit.
  • Replace carpet if possible, as carpet is known to embed allergens into the fabric.

Eye Allergies: Outdoor Tips

As spring (and warmer weather) approaches, the infamous pollen will make its debut. If you’re one of millions who experience allergies to these tiny yellow particles, consider these tips:

  • Wear sunglasses outside to avoid pollen entering your eyes.
  • Keep your car windows rolled up to avoid pollen filling your vehicle.
  • Don’t rub your eyes, as this will irritate them further.

These tips are helpful concerning other allergens, as well – not just pollen. If these tips reduce but don’t eliminate your eye allergies, your Langford Allergy team can help! We have helped numerous patients with their eye and nasal allergies by implementing an immunotherapy treatment plan.

Immunotherapy will teach your immune system to view the allergen as safe instead of harmful, thus foregoing an allergic reaction and frustrating symptoms will cease.

We have offices in five cities – Macon, Warner Robins, Forsyth, Gray, and Milledgeville! Our team would love to help you on your health journey. Give us a call: 478-787-4728.