Rush Immunotherapy

Accelerated, or rush, immunotherapy is an allergy shot treatment plan designed to achieve a maintenance dose more quickly than standard immunotherapy. This is done by increasing the frequency of doses from a months-long treatment plan to a 1-3 day treatment plan. Rush immunotherapy is not recommended for everyone, but it is safe, effective, and can offer relief very quickly. We’ve performed hundreds of these treatments and customize them for each patient’s situation with their upmost safety.

By shortening the build-up phase of immunotherapy to just one day, you’ll have reached the highest tolerated dose of allergens called maintenance. Similar to Immunotherapy, the maintenance phase still requires follow-up shots. You’ll transition from weekly visits to monthly visits. You will be surprised at how easy and painless it is to have immunotherapy each week, and we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

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What Allergies Can be Treated with Rush Immunotherapy?

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Pet dander

Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

  1. Help patients reach maintenance phase months sooner than traditional immunotherapy to speed up the process of finding relief
  2. Reduce office visits for immunotherapy shots for your convenience
  3. Offer the fastest route to permanent relief

Frequently Asked Questions About Rush Immunotherapy

  1. Is rush immunotherapy safe? Rush immunotherapy is safe and effective for most patients, but always consult your allergist before treatment.
  2. How long until I notice improvements? Some patients will see improvements in symptoms during the buildup phase, while some need longer and see improvements once in maintenance phase.
  3. What is the time commitment for rush immunotherapy? Rush immunotherapy treatments will last no more than a few hours as a few shots will be administered each appointment with some rest time in between.