What are Hives?

Hives, also called Urticaria, are raised welts or bumps that can be found on any part of the skin caused by an allergic reaction.  When the body releases histamine after contact with an allergen, small blood vessels begin to leak and cause swelling in the skin, forming hives. The hives can itch, burn, and sting.

Types of Hives

Hives that come and go for approximately six weeks are considered acute hives. Acute hives are caused by an allergic reaction. Anything lasting longer than six weeks is considered chronic hives.

Angioedema is often spoken of closely with hives. It’s a type of reaction that causes deeper skin tissues to become inflamed and swell, most often in your mouth and eyes. This is a more serious reaction and medical attention should be sought immediately.

If you are suffering from hives, schedule an allergy test by calling 478-787-4728.

Allergies that Trigger Hives

  • Allergy shots
  • Animals
  • Foods
    • Fruits (especially citrus)
    • Milk
    • Eggs
    • Peanuts
    • Tree nuts
    • Shellfish
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Medicines
  • Pollen
  • Touching something you’re allergic to such as latex

Other Causes

  • Contact with chemicals
  • Exercise
  • Exposure to sun, heat, cold, or water
  • Infections caused by bacteria or fungi
  • Pressure on the skin, such as from sitting or lying too long
  • Scratching the skin
  • Some illnesses including a type of vasculitis, lupus, and thyroid disease
  • Stress

How Langford Allergy Can Help

During your appointment at Langford Allergy, our experts will examine the rash area and consult with you about symptom length and frequency to determine if the hives are acute or chronic. Call Langford Allergy to schedule a consultation and determine the best treatment approach for your hives or angioedema.