Biologics Treatments for Allergies

A biologic medication is made from a living organism transformed to target the specific antibody, inflammatory molecule, or cell receptors causing the allergy. By targeting these, it works to disrupt the process of inflammation causing allergy symptoms.

Langford Allergy utilizes this cutting-edge approach by facilitating the approval of each medication we prescribe. We offer a fleet of biologic medications to treat issues from asthma, eczema, hives, nasal polyps, and more. We’ll comprehensively evaluate your situation and together decide if a biologic medication is needed. We’ve seen success in hundreds of patients using these medications. Many of our patients coming in for follow-ups come in for this treatment option.

Biologics For Asthma Patients

For patients suffering from asthma, sometimes the traditional treatment route isn’t enough to prevent symptoms or attacks. Several new medications have recently been approved to treat asthma called biologics. They target a specific cell, molecule, or antibody related to asthma, making it known as precision therapy.

Biologics For Eczema Patients

Biologic treatment can also be used to treat eczema. While usually being treated with topical ointments and creams, a biologic could further reduce break outs and symptoms that arise due to eczema. For patients experiencing severe issues with eczema, this might be the route for you to take.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Biologics

  1. What are the benefits of a biologic? Biologic medications are beneficial in reducing the symptoms of various allergic conditions.
  2. How are biologics administered? Biologic medications are in the form of injections.
  3. How do biologics work? Biologics are injections of medications made from altered antibodies that attack the problems causing your allergic condition.