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a mother smiles as she embraces her smiling childIf you’ve been diagnosed with an allergy, your allergist likely recommended immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots. These shots are an effective way to alter your immune system’s response to the allergen and help you live a healthier, allergy-free life. Consider the following frequently asked questions about allergy shots:

How do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots contain a small dose of the allergen that is inserted into the patient’s arm. By slowly increasing the dosage, your immune system learns that the allergen is not harmful at a slow and safe pace.

What does the build-up phase and maintenance phase entail?

During the build-up phase, you will receive regular allergy shots that contain small doses of the allergen. Each time you visit Langford Allergy for an allergy shot appointment, the dosage is a little higher. The build-up phase lasts from two to six months.

You will need to have weekly allergy shots during the maintenance phase. This ensures that we are maintaining the lesson that your immune system is learning. The maintenance phase lasts three to five years.

Can children get allergy shots?

Yes! Both children and adults can benefit from an immunotherapy treatment. Your allergist will determine what regimen is right for you. Several factors to consider before starting immunotherapy is the severity of your allergies, if you’re able to make a time commitment to ensure effectiveness, the length of the allergy season that negatively affects you, and cost.

What kind of allergens can immunotherapy treat?

Immunotherapy can treat a wide variety of allergens including mold, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and more. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, or itchiness, it’s likely that immunotherapy can work for you.

If you have any questions about allergy shots or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today: 478-787-4728.