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a young woman goes shopping for grogeriesWhether mild or severe, a food allergy reaction can spark anxiety for anyone involved. To ensure your safety, it’s vital to take necessary steps to avoid a food allergy reaction. Consider these tips:

Double Check Food Labels

There are several elements to a food label you must check: the actual ingredients, a “may contain” warning, and a “possible cross contamination” warning.

It’s not uncommon for food manufacturers to change ingredients in a certain food without notifying the public, so make sure to check food labels every time before you purchase.

A “may contain” warning and a “possible cross contamination” warning means that the food was processed in a facility with other possible allergens. For example, a gluten-free product that has a “possible cross contamination” warning or “may contain” warning means that the product was processed in a facility with other gluten foods.

Cleanse Your Kitchen

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a food allergy, it’s important to purge your kitchen of any food that contains the allergen. If you have family members that don’t have the allergy, this may not be possible. If this is the case, designate a space in your kitchen that is specifically for safe foods that do not contain the allergen.

Additionally, give your kitchen a deep clean with hot, soapy water. Focus on any areas that the allergen may have recently touched such as utensils, countertops, fridge, stovetop, oven, dining table, and more.

Avoid Sharing Foods

Young children may have a more difficult time understanding why they shouldn’t share food or remembering not to eat other people’s food. It’s important to explain it in a way they can understand! Also, if you’re going to another person’s home for a holiday dinner or get together, remind your child not to eat other people’s food. After some time, it will be second nature to him.

Our Team Can Treat Your Food Allergy

The Langford Allergy team can help you overcome your food allergy! We regularly treat people who have food allergies to:

  • Cow’s milk
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts
  • Wheat
  • & More

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