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a plate in the shape of a c and it's filled with orangesAs much as the virus itself is spreading, so is misinformation. It’s important to distinguish the myths from the facts so you can adequately keep yourself healthy and avoid feeling anxious. Let’s take a look at facts and myths concerning the coronavirus:

Coronavirus Facts

Knowledge is key when it comes to health! There is an “infodemic” spreading because of lack of knowledge. Here are several facts about the coronavirus:

Fact: Washing your hands often is the best practice. Yes! Wash your hands with hot, soapy water for at least 20 seconds multiple times per day, before you eat, after you use the restroom, or if you touch a germy surface.

Fact: Taking Vitamin C will boost your immune system. When your immune system is functioning properly, it will be well-equipped to fight any viruses that enter your body! Take vitamin C daily to help your immune system thrive.

Fact: The coronavirus is especially dangerous for the elderly and sick people. Because of the possibility of the elderly and sick people having a weakened immune system, the coronavirus can be detrimental to their health.

Coronavirus Myths

Now that we know the facts about the coronavirus, let’s debunk a few myths:

Myth: There is a vaccine for the coronavirus. Right now, there is not a vaccine for the coronavirus; however, scientists are working on one.

Myth: Facemasks will protect you from the coronavirus. Unless you are wearing a tight-fitting respirator, a generic lightweight facemask will not protect you from the coronavirus.

Myth: You can only get the coronavirus if you touch someone who is sick. This virus is spread through airborne droplets.  Remember to take extra health precautions such as using hand sanitizer, washing your hands often, coughing in your elbow, and staying home if you’re sick.

The Langford Allergy Team Cares About Your Health

At Langford Allergy, we are taking every precaution to keep our offices clean and ensure health of our team members! Our entire team is passionate about your health in all regards. Give us a call to schedule an appointment: 478-787-4728.