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a graphic representation of an asthma attack. a young woman clutches her chest as a diagram of what happens to the lungs overlays her image

If your child is showing signs of asthma, it’s important for Dr. Langford to test for this condition. He will use a lung volume test, also known as spirometry. Discover how this test works and learn more about signs of asthma in children:

Understanding How Asthma Testing Works

Langford Allergy is a patient-centered practice, meaning Dr. Langford takes ownership of your care and creates personalized treatment plans for every patient. There is no cut-and-paste treatment at Langford Allergy, as every person’s needs are different. Because of this, Dr. Langford will review your medical history, perform an examination, and evaluate your symptoms before conducting a lung volume test.

A lung volume test is also referred to as a spirometry test. This is a simple breathing test that will allow Dr. Langford to measure how much air you can breathe in and how fast you blow it out of your lungs. Overall, this painless test takes roughly 30 minutes and occurs in two phases.

After Dr. Langford reviews your results, he can rule-in or rule-out asthma. If the results show that you do have asthma, he can discuss which medicine he believes would best improve your health-related quality of life.

Asthma in Children

An asthma diagnosis in your child may feel very overwhelming! Fortunately, we can test for asthma via a spirometry test even for young kids. If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to call our team today: 478-787-4728.

Children with asthma may display different symptoms than an adult. Signs of asthma in children include:

  • Avoiding sports or social activities
  • Coughing triggered by cold air
  • Fatigue while playing
  • Grunting while nursing
  • Problems while feeding

If you have even the smallest suspicion that your child has asthma and need confirmation, make an appointment with Dr. Langford today.

Dr. Langford is your Middle Georgia asthma expert. Call us today: 478-787-4728.