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food allergyWhen you think about Thanksgiving, your first thoughts may be about the delicious Thanksgiving turkey or homemade mashed potatoes that grandma brings every year. However, if you suffer from a food allergy, Thanksgiving may give you feelings of anxiety and reservation. Fortunately, the Langford Allergy team can help!

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Check out these three life-saving tips to remember while you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner:

Inform Your Child of His Food Allergy

A young child may not understand the severity of his food allergy. Before eating Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to educate your child about which food is safe and which food he cannot eat. Keep a watchful eye on him when he’s near the food or, if possible, move unsafe foods out of his reach.

Don’t Assume a Certain Dish is Safe

If you’re going to another person’s home for Thanksgiving and eating their Thanksgiving food, make sure to ask questions about the ingredients used. (Better yet, let them know that you or a family member has a food allergy before they prepare the food.) If you’re not comfortable asking questions or informing them about the food allergy, consider bringing safe food for the family member with a food allergy.

Have an Epinephrine Injector Nearby

It’s vital to be prepared if you or your little one has an allergic reaction to a Thanksgiving dish. You can do this with an epinephrine injector (such as an Epi-Pen). When you see an allergic reaction occurring, you can take action immediately. Even after using this life-saving medicine, make sure to call 911 for professional, medical attention.

The Langford Allergy team wants to help you feel confident and stress-free about the upcoming holidays. Schedule an appointment today to find out what you are allergic to so we can provide relief!