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christmas allergy‘Tis the season for family and fun – not asthma and allergies. Unfortunately, certain elements of Christmas can trigger your allergies or asthma and make the season difficult. Thankfully, we can help with your Christmas allergy!

Contact the Langford Allergy team to schedule an appointment before the holidays arrive!

Check out three of the most common allergies that surround Christmastime:

Christmas Allergy: Pet Dander

If you go out of town for the holidays and don’t bring your pet, it’s common for your body to get used to the absence of pet dander. (Pet dander is tiny particles of skin or hair that your animal sheds.) These small flakes can cause sneezing fits or watery, itchy eyes. Before you think about giving away your beloved pet, schedule an immunotherapy appointment with us!

Other ways you can minimize pet dander is by washing your pet twice a week with allergen-reducing shampoo and/or taking certain medication prescribed by the Langford Allergy team.

Christmas Allergy: Holiday Stress

Asthma can be triggered by many elements such as cold weather, allergens, and respiratory infections. Another asthma trigger that is often overlooked is stress. Stress can cause your asthma symptoms to worsen. Watch for asthma symptoms such as wheezing, chest pain, chronic coughing, and a whistling sound when breathing.

Take extra precautionary steps to avoid stress this holiday season in order to prevent asthma attacks. If you need the Langford Allergy team to help you create an asthma prevention strategy, contact us today to set up an appointment.

Christmas Allergy: Ornaments

Did you know there are 25-30 million real Christmas trees sold every year in the United States? And, every Christmas tree has plenty of ornaments on it! So, it’s important to remember that Christmas ornaments have been stored away in the attic or basement for almost a year. Before putting them on the tree, wipe the dust off carefully. You don’t want the entire holiday season to be filled with sneezing every time you walk by the Christmas tree.

Thankfully, there are treatments available to help with your allergy issues! Call us at 478-787-4728 to schedule an appointment.