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school allergiesAt school, your child’s primary focus should be to learn and grow! We don’t want him to be consumed with his allergies and a possible allergic reaction. So, before your child heads back to school, make an appointment at Langford Allergy to find relief from his school allergies.

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Back to School Tips

Mom and dad, you can help your child feel confident when he goes back to school. Consider the following back to school tips to help him focus on his education instead of his allergies:

  • Ask him questions about his allergy to ensure he understands
  • Keep his medication or epinephrine injector nearby if needed
  • Remind him about his action plan in case an allergic reaction occurs
  • Take a tour of the school to scout out possible issues and triggers
  • Talk to his teachers about his allergies

Common School Allergies

Some allergies are more prevalent than others in school settings. For example, classrooms may be full of chalk dust, pet dander, mold, and dust mites. If your child has recess, he may be around allergens such as pollen or stinging insects.

It’s impossible to eliminate all school allergies. That’s why it’s imperative to prepare your child thoroughly. If your child’s allergist recommends he carries an epinephrine injector, talk to him about the importance of keeping it on him always and how to use it. Additionally, a great way to prepare your child for school is by treating the issue at its source. When you bring your child to Langford Allergy, one of our thoroughly trained doctors will diagnose your child’s allergy and discuss possible treatment plan options.

Allergies can be a huge obstacle in your child’s education. They may distract him or cause him to focus on things other than his education. To help your child enjoy his school year and not let allergies dictate his life, contact our team today to schedule an appointment before he heads back to school.