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immunotherapyIf you’re suffering from an allergy, it’s good to know what treatments are available. We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” That’s why we create custom treatment plans for every single one of our patients. From immunotherapy to medications, there are plenty of ways you can find relief from your frustrating allergies. Take a look at different types of treatment options:


When you experience an allergic reaction, your immune system is overreacting to an allergen. So, to treat the root of the problem, your immune system must be altered so it does not react negatively to the allergen. Immunotherapy is one of the best ways to help your immune system get back on track.

Immunotherapy is a long-term treatment plan that requires regular allergy shots given in the arm. This is a no-pain procedure that will help your body alter its response to the allergen. Immunotherapy consists of two parts: the build-up phase and the maintenance phase. After both phases are complete and you have approval from your Langford Allergy doctor, you can celebrate an allergy-free life!

One of the best elements of immunotherapy is how many conditions can be successfully treated: eye and nasal allergies, hives, allergic asthma, pet dander, mold, stinging insect allergies, and more.


Finding relief from your allergy may be as simple as taking over-the-counter medicines. But, before choosing a medication, it’s important to know which one will best treat your allergy. A Langford Allergy doctor will determine not only which medication to take, but also how much and how often. Several medications that help our patients find relief include nasal steroids, inhaled steroids, decongestants, anti-inflammatory medications, and more.


We truly believe that knowledge is empowering. The more you understand about your allergy and triggers, the easier it will be to avoid allergic reactions. So, in addition to our customized treatment plan, a Langford Allergy doctor will educate you on your allergy and different ways to avoid reactions. With this combination, we are positive that you will be on your way to an allergy-free life.

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