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Spring made its official debut on March 20, and we can already smell the pollen in the air. For some, the pollen represents more time at the car wash and less time outdoors. But for others, pollen represents eye allergies, a runny nose, scratchy throat, and other frustrating allergy symptoms.

6 Tips to Find Relief from Eye Allergies

If you want to know exactly what’s causing your eye allergies to flare, we recommend allowing one of the Langford Allergy doctors to perform an allergy test. An allergy test is a tried-and-true way to determine exactly what is triggering an overreaction in the immune system. We aim to educate our patients about how to effectively treat the root of the problem instead of the symptom.

If pollen is indeed what is causing your eye allergies to flare, here are several tips to implement to find relief:

  • Avoid using window fans or window air conditioners.
  • Avoid your triggers as much as possible.
  • Keep windows closed to keep the pollen from entering your house or vehicle.
  • Stay indoors when there are high pollen counts.
  • Take medication that was prescribed from your allergist.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen.

If eliminating your exposure to pollen doesn’t remove your eye allergies, it’s likely that another culprit is responsible. Many people experience itchiness, redness, grittiness, and swelling around their eyes if they are near dust, pet dander, dust mites, cockroach particles, and the like. The best way to fight your eye allergies is by creating a treatment plan to find relief!

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“Receiving allergy shots at Langford Allergy has transformed my daily life. I used to carry a box of Kleenex under my arm 365 days a year. No more! A big thank you to Dr. Langford and all of your wonderful office staff for the miracle you’ve worked for me.” – Charlotte