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Spring brings excitement and expectation for most people. But, if you live with allergies, spring can be a difficult season to enjoy. Fortunately, there are spring cleaning tips to help tackle allergens that are residing in your home. Consider these four:

Spring Cleaning Tip: Reduce Your Clutter

Piles of boxes or stacks of clothing are a dust bunny’s playground. When clutter or clothing do not get moved often, dust and cockroaches can hide there for days without being noticed. Consider spending a weekend de-cluttering the room(s) that have the most unused items.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Ditch the Clothes Line

As spring weather settles in, you’re likely tempted to save money and dry your clothes outside. But, because of Georgia’s pollen issue each spring, your clothes will be filled with pollen! Avoid the clothes line and use your dryer instead. (Also, to avoid tracking pollen into the house, sweep your entryways and sidewalks daily.)

Spring Cleaning Tip: Scrub Your Bathroom

Whether you’re showering or putting on makeup, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. Because this room holds moisture daily, mold can easily take root. Take time to scrub your shower free of mold and replace your shower curtain regularly.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Vacuum Twice a Week

Frustratingly, tiny allergens such as dust, dirt, and insect particles can weave itself into the fabric of your carpet. By vacuuming twice a week, you are eliminating these frustrating allergens! Make sure you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, as this type of filter will capture microscopic allergens instead of pushing them back into the air.

If you’re still suffering with allergy symptoms after implementing these spring cleaning tips, schedule an appointment with a Langford Allergy doctor! One of our doctors will gladly determine what allergy is ailing you, create a treatment plan, and guide you toward better health.