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For many kids, Halloween is the one night of the year where their candy bag weighs as much as their book-filled backpack! However, with food allergies, Halloween can be a frustrating time for both you and your kiddo.

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Tricks & Tips

Tricks and treats aren’t only for the kids! Halloween can be an enjoyable time for the entire family if you take necessary precautions. Consider these tricks and tips to have a successful (and safe) Halloween:

Trick: Leave allergy-safe candy in goodie bags at your neighbor’s house for them to give to your child.

Tip: Check all candy labels to ensure there is no harmful allergen. Even if the product was safe to eat last year, double check the label in case the recipe has changed.

Trick: Open your own candy store for a night! After trick-or-treating, let your kids “buy” candy from you using the candy they just received as payment.

Tip: If you’re using makeup for y our kiddo’s costume, test a small amount of the product on your child’s skin a few days before Halloween to ensure there is no adverse reaction.

Trick: Join the Teal Pumpkin Project! The Project aims for all kids to enjoy Halloween, even those with food allergies. If you see a teal pumpkin on a front porch, it means that non-food treats are available.

Safety Supplies

With food allergy situations, it’s smart to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Consider carrying safety supplies to ensure a quick response if your child has an allergic reaction:

  • Prescribed epinephrine auto-injectors: This pocket-sized injector contains a life-saving formula that buys precious time before medics arrive.
  • Over-the-counter medication: Keep medicine close by in case a minor reaction occurs.
  • Antibacterial wet wipes: In case an adverse skin reaction occurs, use wet wipes to remove the irritating substance.

At Langford Allergy, we promise no tricks—and we want to treat you to a safe and fun Halloween. Contact us today to schedule an allergy test to determine negative allergens.