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Thanksgiving Safety TipsThanksgiving is an all-time favorite holiday in America. What’s there not to love?! There is football, food, family, and fun – all in one day. However, those who deal with food allergies may have a difficult time enjoying this food-filled day. Fortunately, there are several Thanksgiving safety tips you can take to help you and your loved ones enjoy Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Safety Tips When You’re the Guest

It’s always a good time traveling to see family or friends and celebrating the holidays! But, if your child has food allergies, it can be intimidating to eat what other people cook. When you’re the guest, consider the following Thanksgiving safety tips:

  • Ask questions! Even the most traditional recipes are made differently by different people. Ask what ingredients are in recipes to make sure there is not an allergen.
  • Bring your epinephrine injector just in case. You can never be overly-prepared in case an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Eat before you travel to avoid munching on appetizers when arriving, as many appetizers have nuts, seeds, and other allergens as ingredients.
  • When in doubt, ask the host beforehand if you can bring a safe dish for your child to eat. This will eliminate fear and help you enjoy the day!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips When You’re the Host

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a huge feat to undertake, but well worth the time and effort when your guests are complimenting your cooking! When you’re the host, consider the following Thanksgiving safety tips:

  • Inform your guests of your child’s food allergy and ask them not to share food with him. (This is very important for younger kids who may not realize the severity of their food allergy.)
  • Make a plate of food for your child so he doesn’t have to be near allergens.
  • When preparing Thanksgiving dinner, make your child’s food and the other guest’s food at separate times. This will eliminate the potential for allergens to cross over.

As always, the Langford Allergy doctors are here to help you overcome your food allergies! Make an appointment today to discuss treatment options, epinephrine injectors, and more.