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epinephrine injectorAn epinephrine injector is a pocket-sized medicine that has the potential to save lives. This medicine helps ward off anaphylactic shock if a severe allergic reaction is occurring. While we hope you are never in a situation where this becomes necessary, it’s vitally important to understand the details of an epinephrine injector. Consider the following frequently asked questions:

How does the medicine fight my allergic reaction?

The medicine in an epinephrine injector works in many ways to help ward off anaphylactic shock. The medicine tightens blood vessels which decreases the swelling associated with an allergic reaction. It helps your airways remain open by relaxing those muscles. And finally, it prevents the release of additional allergic chemicals.

Do I need to call 911?

Yes! The epinephrine injector is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical help. After injecting the medicine into your thigh, call 911 immediately for additional treatment.

Are there different types of epinephrine injectors?

There are multiple types of injectors for you to choose from such as EpiPen, Auvi-Q, and Adrenaclick. If you are unsure about which brand to choose, one of our doctors would be more than happy to help you.

How will I know if my epinephrine injector is expired?

The expiration date should be listed in two places – on the outside of the package and on the epinephrine injector itself. Check it often to make sure you don’t let it expire before obtaining a new one. Set an alarm in your phone or mark your calendar with the expiration date as a reminder to replace.

How do I use my epinephrine injector?

Overall, epinephrine injectors work the same way with slight differences. You can read more about how to correctly use each injector here. If your child is of age, make sure he knows exactly how to use the injector in case there is not an adult present to help him. Knowledge is key to fight severe allergic reactions!

Food allergies and stinging insect allergies are two of many elements that may cause anaphylactic shock. If you have questions about the epinephrine injector or any allergy-related condition, don’t hesitate to contact us.