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Langford Allergy is excited to announce our newest treatment for patients with severe asthma. TEZSPIRE is an injection medication, serving as the first and only severe asthma biologic that works to treat a range of asthma types.

We understand the pain and stress severe asthma can inflict upon those who suffer from this condition. That’s why we now provide TEZSPIRE at all our locations.


TEZSPIRE is a medication that works to reduce inflammation caused by your body’s asthma triggers. Patients are treated with monthly injections administered by our doctor at Langford Allergy.

Without TEZSPIRE, your lungs are likely to:

  1. Encounter an asthma trigger
  2. Release multiple alarmins, setting off a chain of inflammation responses to the trigger
  3. Spiral into an asthma attack

Luckily, TEZSPIRE aims to stop the alarmin that’s responsible for setting off the initial domino effect. This action cuts off the lung’s reaction at the start, reducing the possibility of an inflammation response or an asthma attack.

TEZSPIRE is not a rescue medication, but it can help lead patients to improved breathing in as little as two weeks.

Who Can Take TEZSPIRE?

Asthma patients 12 years old or older can take TEZSPIRE with clearance from Dr. Langford. Many patients on TEZSPIRE already take medium- to high-dose inhaled corticosteroids, along with additional controller medications.

The Benefits of TEZSPIRE

Patients who treat their severe asthma with TEZSPIRE from Langford Allergy can experience improvements in the following areas:

  • Less frequent asthma attacks
  • Clearer breathing and better lung functions
  • Improved control over asthma symptoms

Breathe easier with a TEZSPIRE treatment plan at Langford Allergy.

To find out more about the benefits of TEZSPIRE and if this mediation is right for you or your loved one, set up an appointment with Langford Allergy today. 478-787-4728