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Have you ever eaten a new food or stepped out of a hot shower and noticed swollen, pale red bumps? Those bumps were likely , your body’s reaction to an allergen. Depending on the cause, your hives may last anywhere from one hour to one day before slowly disappearing. This itchy, sometimes burning, rash is a frustration among many Americans. Discover frequently asked questions about hives:

What causes hives?

There are many different reasons why hives form such as an allergic reaction to medication, an insect sting, sunburns, exposure to heat, and food additives. After talking to a Langford Allergy doctor about your symptoms, your doctor will determine the best approach to take to avoid future episodes. Many people have found relief from their hives episodes by taking medication.

Why do bumps form?

When your immune system perceives a threat, it will release a chemical known as histamine. This natural chemical is your body’s way of protecting itself against a potentially harmful intruder. The actual bumps that you see on your skin are the result of blood plasma leaving blood vessels within the skin.

Are there different types of hives?

Yes. The different types of hives include acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, physical urticaria, and dermatographism. No matter the type of hives you’re experiencing, many people have found immediate relief by applying a wet compress to the affected area, sleeping in a cool room, and changing into loose-fitted clothing. However, if you’re having trouble breathing, feel dizzy, or are experiencing swelling in your face, call a medical professional immediately.

How can I manage my hives?

When you determine what is causing your hives to form, it’s best to remove that trigger altogether. (If you don’t know what is causing your hives to flare, your Langford Allergy doctor can help!) An antihistamine can help combat the effects of hives or medicine, such as Xolair, can minimize rashes.

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