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eczemaAtopic dermatitis, also called eczema, is a skin condition that is common among children but can occur at any age. To put this into perspective, in the United States, 20 out of 100 children experience eczema while only three out of 100 adults suffer from it.

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Eczema inflames the skin and makes it red, dry, flaky, and itchy. Unfortunately, asthma and hay fever are sometimes accompanied by this frustrating skin rash.

Are There Treatments For Eczema?

Yes! Treatments are available, although no cure has been found. Self-care can bring relief to itchy skin and prevent the rash from spreading. Many people find relief by applying medicated creams and moisturizing the dry area. Thankfully, our team is extremely skilled and has extensive knowledge in atopic dermatitis.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis?

Eczema symptoms vary in severity depending on the person. Many people suffer from intense itching, raised bumps, fluid leakage, cracked skin, or sensitive skin from scratching. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for children to understand the importance of not scratching a very itchy rash. Remind them often that scratching the rash can cause it spread or become infected.

What Should I Avoid?

There are many factors that can worsen eczema. Avoiding the following can help you find relief:

  • Air pollution (includes cigarette and tobacco smoke)
  • Bacteria
  • Changes in heat and humidity
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Scented soaps and detergents
  • Scratching
  • Stress
  • Sweat

Avoiding these elements in your daily routine will help minimize the spreading of the eczema. However, treatments may be necessary for relief.

When Should I Visit Langford Allergy?

If you are experiencing loss of sleep, pain, or infection, please don’t hesitate to contact Langford Allergy for relief. Our team will be able to prescribe a treatment or cream that will help.