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pet danderPet dander is a frustrating culprit of allergies among pet owners. Dander is often mistaken as a pet’s hair, but it is actually the old skin that your animal sheds when it is producing new skin. Since these scales are so tiny and difficult to see, they can attach to household items such as carpet, bedding, curtains, and clothing without you even realizing it. Before you give away your beloved fur baby, consider the following lifestyle changes you can make to find relief from your allergies:

Create a Pet-Free Room

If your sleeping habits are disrupted due to your pet dander allergies, it’s a good idea to eliminate their time in your bedroom. This will give you a fresh and clean space to sleep which will in turn affect the overall productivity and enjoyment of your day.

Buy an Air Purifier

In simple terms, an air purifier cleans your air. It pulls the air that is in a room into its vents, removes airborne particles, then pushes the clean air back into the room. Since pet dander is often airborne, an air purifier would be able to capture the dander.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly

When you bathe your pet, you are eliminating the dead skin scales before they have a chance to fall off on their own. Even hypoallergenic pets need to be bathed regularly, as they still produce pet dander that can make your allergies flare.

Take Allergy Medication

There are multiple medication options to help relieve you from your pet dander allergies. The Langford Allergy team will create an allergy action plan with you and prescribe the most effective medication as soon as possible so you can continue loving and living with your pet (without allergies).

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