Allergy Relief

Understanding Mold Allergy Testing

an allergy test in progress

Mold spores can enter a person’s nose or mouth and cause frustrating allergy symptoms. Allow us to explain what a mold allergy entails, how to test for this, and more.

What is oral allergy syndrome?

a pile of assorted fruit

Have you ever eaten an apple, melon, or zucchini and suddenly felt an itchiness in your throat and mouth? This reaction may be caused by oral allergy syndrome.

Is it a sore throat or winter allergies?

sick woman wrapped in a blanket

It’s important to know if your sore throat is caused by winter allergies or a virus so you can take the appropriate steps for relief.

Understanding the 4 Different Types of Skin Allergies

young woman in scarf

Irritated skin is more than just a nuisance; it can affect your overall health-related quality of life. Allow us to explain four types of skin allergies and available treatment options.