Allergy Relief

Is it a sore throat or winter allergies?

sick woman wrapped in a blanket

It’s important to know if your sore throat is caused by winter allergies or a virus so you can take the appropriate steps for relief.

Understanding the 4 Different Types of Skin Allergies

young woman in scarf

Irritated skin is more than just a nuisance; it can affect your overall health-related quality of life. Allow us to explain four types of skin allergies and available treatment options.

3 Common Outdoor Allergies

happy family in a forest

You may notice a shift in your allergies when you are enjoying the outdoors. Allow us to identify three common outdoor allergens.

4 Common Indoor Allergens

woman plays with her dog

To ensure your haven is allergy-free, it’s important to identify the most common indoor allergens and take steps to eliminate them in your home.