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The holidays welcome plenty of opportunities to gather with friends and family. It’s wonderful to spend time with each other, especially when large, delicious meals are involved. While different dishes add tasty variety to the table, they can also threaten those with food allergies.

Today, we’re examining four methods feast-goers with a tree nut allergy (or any allergy) can do to protect themselves around the dinner table.

  1. Speak with the Host

    Before the day of the feast, talk with the host about the dishes they plan to prepare. Find out what ingredients will be used. If they intend to use any tree nuts or allergens that are harmful to you, offer to bring your own dish as an alternative. Or, if you feel comfortable requesting it, ask that they exclude the triggering ingredients from the recipe(s). If you know others will bring additional dishes, reach out to learn about the ingredients they will include. That way, you can get an idea of what foods to expect and adjust your plan for a successful feast accordingly.

  2. Bring a Trusted Dish or Two

    As mentioned earlier, it’s a safe bet to prepare a dish you know you can eat rather than relying on what others have prepared and hoping for the best. Plan to bring a dish you know is safe and enjoyable for you. Just be sure to inform your host of your plans beforehand. It can be beneficial to arrive with a few different dishes for added variety.

  3. Enjoy Your Own Feast Beforehand

    It can be overwhelming for those with a food allergy to join a holiday dinner, not knowing what is safe to consume. It can also be stressful to contact the host or other guests to find out whether the dishes are safe to eat. It may help to arrive on a full stomach to avoid that kind of stress. Eat what you know is safe beforehand and enjoy time with friends and family at the gathering.

  4. Keep Your Medication Close

    Patients with a tree nut allergy or another food allergy should always keep their epinephrine injector nearby, especially during events like holiday dinners or seasonal feasts. Being around lots of dishes and varieties of food opens the door for accidental allergen consumption, and reactions can arise quickly. Protect yourself by keeping your medication close by.

Joining a holiday feast with a tree nut allergy or another food allergy can be intimidating. Thankfully, Langford Allergy is available to help patients stay safe and prepared throughout the season.

Our specialists can perform thorough allergy tests to help you determine any food-related triggers and can create a treatment plan to help you experience a safe and successful holiday season. Schedule an allergy test with our team today: 478-787-4728