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Spring allergies are no fun, especially for your child. Now is the time to play and enjoy the warmer weather outside, not struggle with frustrating and sometimes painful symptoms.

If your child is dealing with the effects of springtime allergies, let us share a few ways you can help them soothe symptoms and find relief.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is a key component to helping your child fight spring allergies and their symptoms. Their body is working hard to trap allergens by creating more mucus than normal. Encourage your little one to drink water throughout the day to help:

  • Keep mucus membranes moisturized
  • Reduce coughing
  • Minimize throat soreness
  • Avoid a stuffy nose

Along with water, liquids like juice, warm broth, and warm tea can help soothe symptoms and reduce the pains of allergies.

2. Breathe In Steam

Breathing in water can be just as beneficial as drinking it. Steam is an easy way to temporarily soothe your child’s nose, throat, and sinuses. The heat and hydration work together to clear nasal passages and allow for better breathing.

The easiest way to generate steam at home is by running hot water from a showerhead. Have your child sit in the bathroom with the door closed for a little while and encourage them to breathe in the steam through their nose.

They can also benefit from the steam of hot soup or hot tea.

3. Get Lots of Rest

It can be hard for a child to fall asleep and stay asleep if they’re suffering from allergies. However, rest is a crucial part of the recovery process. A good night’s sleep also helps foster a healthy body. If your child is dealing with nighttime allergy symptoms, Langford Allergy can provide the right relief to help them soothe symptoms and get the rest they need.

4. Avoid Highly Pollenated Areas

One of the biggest components of spring allergies is pollen. To help your child with their allergy symptoms this season, try to avoid areas with lots of pollen in the air. Playing outside may be appealing now that the weather is warming up, but try to keep activities indoors as much as possible.

If your child is suffering from spring allergies, schedule an appointment with Langford Allergy today. Our specialists will diagnose and treat them with expert care. 478-787-4728