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Roughly one out of three children with a food allergy has reported that they have been bullied because of their health issue. This very real and life-threatening issue is not to be taken lightly. As a parent, you can help your child stay healthy and safe.

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If you suspect that your child is a victim of food allergy bullying, here are simple yet proactive steps to take to protect your child:

Talk to Your Child’s Teachers

The more people who can help watch for food allergy bullying, the better. If your child has a food allergy, talk to his teachers about the severity of it and ask them to be extra watchful. If bullying takes place, there needs to be a plan in place to ensure it stops immediately. Food allergy bullying can be life-threatening, and it should never be taken lightly.

Create an Open Line of Communication

It’s important for your child to know he can talk to you about bullying. You can create this open line of communication by asking him specific questions about this topic and encouraging him to answer truthfully. For example, ask him if anyone has teased him about his food allergy or if he feels like his friends are ignoring him during lunch. If your child is young, he may not realize he’s being bullied. Therefore, these questions are imperative to gain insight.

Educate Your Child

If your child has a food allergy, it’s likely that your allergist has prescribed him an epinephrine injector. This pocket-sized, life-saving medicine is crucial to keep nearby. An epinephrine injector holds medicine that can slow down the effects of anaphylaxis. It can buy precious minutes while waiting for professional, medical help. Educate your child about how to use his epinephrine injector so he will know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

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