“We actually drive an hour and a half, one-way to his closest office, just to see him.”



“Dr. Langford’s sweet, he’s funny, and he makes me not scared when I get my shots.”


I am a Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine and I chose Dr. Langford to treat my asthma and allergies when they became uncontrollable. I practiced in Macon, GA, for 7 years and chose his expertise to treat me.

– Joe Davis, M.D.

I see Dr. Langford and his PA at his Warner Robins office. All I can say is they are beyond amazing!

– Amanda

I love Dr. Langford and all the staff in Gray. Allergy shots have made a world of difference.

– Pat

See Dr. Langford! His nurse practitioner is great also. Jazmine liked all the staff.

– Jaime

For a few years my life was miserable! I suffered from cold urticaria and visited many doctors, and I got too many medicines but nothing helped. I went to Dr. Langford and with the first consult, my life has changed 100%. Thank you, Dr. Langford and all the people that help me at the clinic.

– Gina

Going to Dr. Langford is the best decision we ever made for our boy who had suffered for years with breathing difficulties. We went from 15-20 ER visits annually to only 1 last year!!! I love and appreciate this group beyond words and would recommend Dr. Jeff and his team to anyone!

– Lee

Receiving allergy shots at Langford Allergy has transformed my daily life. I used to carry a box of Kleenex under my arm 365 days a year. No more! A big thank you to Dr. Langford and all of your wonderful office staff for the miracle you've worked for me.

– Charlotte

The pediatrician referred us to Dr. Langford. My granddaughter is almost 7. Thank God for Dr. Langford and his outstanding staff. We now have peace.

– Nettie