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Billions of people around the globe create New Year’s resolutions in January. Around March, those resolutions are either long forgotten or are barely making it on the schedule. Instead of adding a resolution to your list of things to do, how about take away a few things to better your overall quality of life? Consider these four home-related allergens to eliminate:

Carpet & Dust Mites

Dust mites love to take up residence in carpet, which many people have in their bedroom! One of the best ways to eliminate most dust mites is to replace your carpet for bare floors. Dust mites can’t hide in the wood like they can with carpet. Also, wash your bedding in hot water weekly to kill any dust mites that may be lingering in your sheets.

Greenery & Mold

There are many research articles that suggest indoor plants are great for improving mood and the overall atmosphere. While this is true, it’s also true that plants are a safe haven for mold. Mold likes the warm, wet dirt that your plant lives in. If you can’t part with your indoor plants, we understand. Just make sure not to over-water them, as this contributes to an increase in mold spores.

New Purchases & Eye Allergies

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting that you’re allergic to shopping! But, we are suggesting that certain fumes or chemicals that can accompany new purchases (such as a new rug or television) can cause eye allergies to flare. Before bringing your new purchase into your home, unwrap or unbox your purchase and let it air out in a well-ventilated room.

Vacuum Cleaner & Dust

If you have carpet, your vacuum cleaner is your best friend! It will pick up dirt, dust, and other frustrating allergens that are too small to see. We highly suggest purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA-rated filter. These filters capture the dust that the vacuum collects instead of emitting it back into the air.

By implementing these four New Year’s resolutions, you’ll likely see a decrease in allergy-related fits! If you have any questions about allergies or treatments, contact the Langford Allergy doctors today.