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4 members of Langford Allergy's teamSpring has transformed into summer, and our team is ready! From our receptionists to Dr. Langford himself, the Langford Allergy team can help you combat your summer allergies so you can enjoy this beautiful season. Meet the Langford Allergy team:

Dr. Jeff Langford

As a child, Dr. Langford suffered from asthmatic symptoms and allergies. He knew early on that he wanted to help others with their health to better their life! With five locations, three nurse practitioners, and a team full of people who are passionate about YOUR health, he is happy to serve Middle Georgia.

“You and Jennifer have made a huge difference in my life and I really appreciate all you do for your patients and the community.” – Kelly S.

Mia Kilby, FNP-C

Mia has been part of the team since 2014. She has a very patient-centric mindset when it comes to treating and diagnosing kids and adults. If you think she’s fantastic with kids, it’s because she has a very sweet nature and pursued an undergraduate degree in child and family development.

“Mia is such a sweet person!” – Deanna D.

Christi McPherson, FNP-C

After years of being both a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, Christi joined the Langford Allergy team in 2014. Her expertise and knowledge about allergies and asthma is apparent within moments of speaking to her. She is passionate about her patient’s health and will gladly educate her patients.

“Christi is so caring and full of smarts and logic! Love her!” – Barbara G.

Jennifer Hames, FNP-C

Jennifer has been part of the Langford Allergy team since 2015. Her passion for helping people is evident through her hard work and patient interactions. Beyond her passion is a brilliant mind! She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Psychology. She also has a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

“Jennifer has literally saved my life! I could never have done these past two years without her. She is my hero!!” – Karen S.

No matter who you see at Langford Allergy, you can be confident that you’re in the best care. If you have allergy or asthma issues, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of the Langford Allergy team members: 478-787-4728