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MACON, April 14, 2020 – In the midst of COVID-19, medical masks supply is limited for medical professionals and patients. Dr. Jeff Langford of Langford Allergy realized this for his practice and began researching how to make your own medical mask for his staff and patients.

Holly Leskovics is a STEAM teacher at Stratford Academy and was approached by Dr. Margaret Moore of Pediatric Dentistry of Central Georgia about the anxiety that comes with the masks running out and how it might affect her practice. Moore had found a website called “Fired By Corona” that had a 3-D mask digital file available for download. Lacking the knowledge of operating a 3-D printer, Leskovics expertise came into play.

It was a post on social media by Moore thanking Leskovics for her help that got Langford’s attention as he was already researching how to do the same for his practice and reached out offering his own design idea.

Langford’s design required that the mask be altered to fit the circular filters found in a device he uses in his practice for testing lung capacity. With adaptations to the mask from the website makethemasks.com, Langford’s filters, and the sealant from Dr. Moore, the three created a mask with a viral efficiency of 99.97% that suited everyone’s needs and could be custom sized in small, medium, and large.

“The assertion is that the masks we created, when fitted correctly, have a better viral filtration efficiency than the industrial grade NP-95 masks that we’ve all become familiar with,” said Langford. “We’re changing filters daily and washing the plastic parts in soap and water. Some staff are taking them home to use on grocery runs and the like. Both patients and staff seem to appreciate them.”

With most of Langford Allergy staff using the masks and only minor fitting issues, staff and patients needing to visit the practice can be slightly more at ease during this time of chaos.

Jenny Sivo, Practice Manager
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