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Your immune system plays an important role in your body. It defends against intruders such as viruses, bacteria, and germs. Creating a healthy immune system is vital for optimal health! However, if your immune system mistakenly flags and attacks a food particle as harmful instead of harmless, an allergic reaction may occur. Allow us to answer several frequently asked questions about food allergies:   

Who is most at-risk for developing a food allergy? 

According to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the following groups are most at-risk for developing a food allergy:  

  • African American children 
  • Children living in urban areas 
  • Family history of allergies 
  • Children with asthma, eczema, or a respiratory allergy 
  • The presence of eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases 

How does a food allergy affect quality of life?  

Children with a food allergy are more likely to be bullied, not attend camps or sleepovers, avoid restaurants, and not participate in social activities. Further, mothers have higher blood pressure due to stress and worry. Eliminating your child’s food allergy will do more than positively impact his health; it will enhance his entire quality of life.  

How can I protect myself from a severe allergic reaction? 

It’s important to know exactly what you should do in case a severe allergic reaction occurs. Your trusted friends, family members, teachers, and coworkers – anyone you are with on a daily basis – should know what to do, as well, in case they need to step in to help.  

First, you can protect yourself from a severe allergic reaction by avoiding the food altogether until you have completed your food allergy treatment phases with a Langford Allergy team member. Second, always have an epinephrine injector with you in case you accidentally consume the food particle and enter anaphylactic shock. Epinephrine injectors administer life-saving medicine that buys precious time as you wait for medical professionals to arrive.  

Is there treatment available for food allergies?  

Yes! At Langford Allergy, we have helped hundreds of people overcome their food allergies by accurately diagnosing their condition then creating a personalized treatment plan for them to follow. Through allergy shots, we can teach your immune system NOT to overreact to the food particles. After the build-up and maintenance phases are complete, your body will not react to the food particles.  

Make an appointment with a Langford Allergy team member to eliminate your food allergies!