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young girl smiles as she uses a tabletEczema is characterized as an itchy, red rash that appears anywhere on the body. From toddlers to the elderly, eczema can affect people of all ages. Discover frequently asked questions about how to avoid itching your rash, helping your child manage his eczema at school, how the weather affects your eczema, and more.

How can I avoid scratching my eczema?

The itchiness of eczema is often the most frustrating element of this skin condition! To avoid scratching your eczema, wear cotton clothing, wash clothes after purchasing them (to prevent the chemicals from irritating the rash), replace bedding with breathable sheets, and use ointment to keep the area from getting dry.

How can I help my child manage her eczema at school?

Informing your child’s teacher about her eczema is a good idea, especially if your child is still in elementary or middle school. If her desk is by a window, the sun could cause the area of skin to dry out fast and become itchy. Teaming up with your child’s teacher to determine how to best help your child manage her eczema at school will be beneficial for everyone.

Does the weather affect my eczema?

Yes, the weather can affect your eczema. Frustratingly, it doesn’t matter what season it is – spring, summer, fall, or winter – your skin condition can worsen if not taken care of properly. In the winter, your skin my dry out which causes your eczema to flare. Use prescribed ointment on your eczema and wear agreeable clothing, such as cotton instead of wool, to allow your skin to breathe.

How can I treat my eczema?

If you suffer from eczema, the Langford Allergy team can help! First, your allergist will determine what triggers are causing your eczema to flare. (Common eczema triggers include sweat, stress, cigarette smoke, dust, chlorine, and certain soaps.) Then, we will educate you on how to manage your eczema, avoid the triggers, how often to take your medicine and/or apply the prescribed ointment, and answer any of your questions!

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