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a young mother and son pet the family dogYou’ll be surprised at how many conditions that immunotherapy can effectively treat! From stinging insect allergies to hay fever, discover which allergies you can eliminate through the build-up and maintenance phases of immunotherapy:

Airborne Allergens

While most people try to avoid their allergens as much as possible, sometimes it’s not feasible! Airborne allergens such as dust, mold spores, and pet dander can be in the air that we breathe. Because of their miniscule size, it’s impossible to avoid them altogether because we cannot see them with the naked eye.

Indoor/Outdoor Allergens

Immunotherapy can effectively treat indoor and outdoor allergens such as grass, stinging insects, cockroaches, and pollen. We don’t want you to feel like a prisoner in your own home or start sneezing instantly when you walk outside due to allergens. Instead of attempting to change the environment, we will gladly help your body learn that those allergens do not need to be fought off.

Bodily Issues

Sometimes, there is a miscommunication within our bodies that causes our health-related quality of life to suffer. For example, many people suffer from allergic asthma (the most common type of asthma) or have been diagnosed with an immunologic disease such as Primary Immunodeficiency Disease.

Other conditions that immunotherapy can help with include hives, hay fever, and allergic conjunctivitis. Our team does not want you to live with allergies any longer! Allow us to help.

Patient Testimonial

Charlotte, a Langford Allergy patient, chose to fight her allergies with immunotherapy! Her daily life is changed forever:

“Receiving allergy shots at Langford Allergy has transformed my daily life. I used to carry a box of Kleenex under my arm 365 days a year. No more! A big thank you to Dr. Langford and all of your wonderful office staff for the miracle you’ve worked for me.”

We want you to have this freedom, as well! If you’re tired of tissues or frustrating allergy symptoms, reach out to the Langford Allergy team today: 478-787-4728.