New Year’s Resolution: Ditch These 4 Allergens

Billions of people around the globe create New Year’s resolutions in January. Around March, those resolutions are either long forgotten or are barely making it on the schedule. Instead of adding a resolution to your list of things to do, how about take away a few things to better your overall quality of life? Consider these four home-related allergens to eliminate:

Cold Weather Allergy Triggers You Didn’t Know Existed

Many people welcome the cold weather brought on by the winter months. It means that fall allergies have come to a close and spring allergies are out of sight and out of mind. But, why is it that people have allergic reactions even in winter? Consider the following allergens that are common when cold weather arrives:

Don’t Let These Christmas Allergens Ruin the Holidays

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, right? This holiday season is filled with gift giving, memory making, cookie creations, and more. But, one thing it should not be filled with is allergens. Consider the following Christmas-related allergens that might cause your symptoms to flare: dairy, real Christmas trees, and new foods.

Epinephrine Injector FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

An epinephrine injector is a pocket-sized medicine that has the potential to save lives. This medicine helps ward off anaphylactic shock if a severe allergic reaction is occurring. While we hope you are never in a situation where this becomes necessary, it’s vitally important to understand the details of an epinephrine injector. Consider the following frequently asked questions: