Ways to Lower Your Child’s Risk of Nighttime Asthma Symptoms

Sleep is incredibly important to a person’s overall quality of life. When sleep is disrupted due to allergy or asthma symptoms, daytime productivity is negatively affected. Fortunately, there are several ways to fight nighttime asthma symptoms and help your child get a great night sleep. Here’s how you can keep their symptoms under control:

Itchy Skin & Eczema: Debunking Common Myths

Are you one of 30 million Americans who suffer with itchy skin? This rash is known as eczema, a condition that affects both children and adults. Symptoms such as rough patches and inflamed skin are common among eczema sufferers. Unfortunately, myths about eczema are floating around the Internet, causing people to delay treatment.

Don’t Believe These 3 Myths About Food Allergies

Too many myths are floating around the Internet that keep people in the dark about their food allergies. Consider the following myths about food allergies and the truth behind the misconceptions: