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Everything You Need to Know about a Pollen Allergy

a young girl blowing her nose

What is a pollen allergy and its symptoms? What treatment options are available? What lifestyle changes can minimize the effects of pollen?

Langford Allergy Honored in Prestigious “Bulldog 100” List

Bulldog 100 2021 award

Dr. Jeff Langford of Langford Allergy is honored to be ranked #46 on the 2021 Bulldog 100 list for the second time after making it on the 2019 Bulldog 100 list.

When to See an Allergist for Your Winter Allergies

a young woman does laundry

Your body will give you two sure signs that you’re dealing with winter allergies, not just the common cold – a fever and muscle aches.

Best Practices to Prevent Allergies in Babies

a baby being spoonfed

According to FARE, 5.6 million children have food allergies. Fortunately, there are practices you can implement that may help prevent allergies from developing.